Message from the Chair


Dear all

I know how excited you must be to be able to resume rallies after the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 22 February, and the devolved nations’ roadmaps out of lockdown. As you are probably aware the Club is anticipating being able to reopen Club sites in England on 12 April 2021, although we are still awaiting confirmation regarding certain aspects relating to shared facilities. In addition, travel between countries (i.e. between England, Wales, Scotland, and NI remains restricted, and guidance has not been provided yet in Scotland, Wales, or NI). For example, the guidance in England is that domestic travel after 8 March is permitted but should be minimised (e.g. stay local). In brief, and please note that these dates and details are obviously subject to change as per the announcements from the respective Governments.  Please make an informed decision before deciding when to commence rallying, mindful that the dates could change.

Step 2 (no earlier than 12 April 2021) Rallies can commence but as a campsite only; there can be no social activities associated with it, and all members must comply with the Government’s guidance regarding social contact, and group size outdoors.
Covid secure protocols must still be adhered to

Step 3 (no earlier than 17 May 2021)

There can now be a maximum of 30 people outdoors. This means social activities on a rally can resume but for only a maximum of 30 people. A Covid Risk Assessment is still required to be submitted to governance seven days before the start of the rally. The Rule of Six applies to indoor meetings and two households (a van represents one household) are permitted to meet.

Step 4 (no earlier than 21 June 2021)
There are no longer any restrictions on social gatherings at rallies.
It is likely that there will still be a requirement to have Covid Risk Protocols in place on rallies and more details of this will be advised later.  All Centre rallies and events must continue to have a Risk Assessment undertaken, per Centre Guidance,

The Centre held a committee meeting this week and a decision was made to accept cash as payment under strict conditions

On arrival at site ralliers will be asked if they have experienced any covid symptoms and invited to have their temperature taken.

All cash must be put directly into a plastic container, please arrive with the correct money as we will be unable to give change.

It is recommended that face coverings should be worn when collecting water and emptying wastewater.

The Centre will provide hand sanitiser and wipes at water outlets.

Please adhere to the above so we can provide a safe environment to continue our Rally programme

Stay Safe

Regards  John