The Northamptonshire & Rutland Centre would be pleased to welcome you to any of the rallies listed on this website.

A Rally is a get-together of caravan club members for weekends or longer holidays, who enjoy weekends with fun & fellowship thrown in.

Rallies take place at all sorts of venues from local fields to stately homes, and our members range from young families to retired couples.

You can do as little or as much as you like from sitting & relaxing to joining in a range of

Social activities, which may include: – sports, fishing, golf, discos, quizzes, barbeques etc.

Curious? Well why not come & give it a try?

All you have to do is:

  1. Find the rally in the handbook or on this webpage that you wish to attend, all the details you need are there.
  2. Contact the Rally Marshal and provide your membership details, either by phone, email or by sending a booking slip at the address given.
  3. You need do nothing else until the day of the rally. (If you have to cancel your rally booking at any time, this should always be done with the Rally Marshal running the rally, if unable to contact the Rally Marshal, then contact the Rally Secretary, who will pass the message on)
  4. Please do not arrive before 4pm unless another time is shown in the rally book or website, to give the marshal time to prepare for your arrival.
  5. Follow the directions in the handbook make your way to the venue. As you get near watch out for the special green N&R signs, they will direct you to the entrance.
  6. When you arrive stop at the Rally Marshals caravan, this is usually the first van near the entrance & has a Rally Marshal sign outside. Here you will be welcomed & given general information, such as where the fresh water tap is & the elsan disposal, much as you would find on any site.
  7. You will be given an envelope which contains details of the weekend’s activities, including times of the closing ‘flag’. This is the opportunity to catch up with news and competition results etc.

The rally fee is usually paid to the Rally Marshal on arrival at the rally except on holiday rallies where the fee is paid in advance. Cheques are no longer accepted on a rally, all fees to be paid in cash.

On your first rally you may not know any of our members, but we hope our welcome and friendship will make you want to rally with us again. Why not give it a try. Come and join us as we rally for pleasure and aim to share many enjoyable times. If you need any further information or assistance please contact any Committee Member, as listed on the committee page of this website.

We all look forward to meeting you and your family very soon.